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Resources for Introduction to Problem Solving Skills

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Resources for Improving Observation Skills

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Brandon Muramatsu
Kirky DeLong
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Stacie Green


Ada Ren

Video Team

Barry Pugatch
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Wesley Richardson

Pete Jahn


Special Thanks

MIT People

Charles Harrison Shubert
Jeffrey Merriman
Peter Wilkins
Cole Shaw
Ken Stone


Lawrence Michalenko
John Tatro
Leo Gibbins
Anthony Giglio
Craig Bates
John Witkowski


Deborah Zulick
Jennifer Freeman
John Henshaw
Dennis Bunnell
Alyce Stiles


MIT Office of Educational Innovation and Technology
MIT Center for Educational Computing Initiatives
MIT Academic Media Production Services
Massachusetts Community Colleges Workforce Development Transformation Agenda (MCCWDTA)
MIT Hobby Shop
Taconic High School
Berkshire Community College
Quinsigamond Community College
H.C. Starck, Inc.
Nypro Healthcare


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